Triolet Placed On High Alert: Dengue Fever Cases Reported

16 cases of Dengue fever have been reported on the island. What is shocking is that 15 of them are inhabitants of Triolet. People residing in that area are growing in panic. Triolet has, as a consequence, been placed “on high alert.” The Ministry of Health has been working on this situation; coming up with preventive measures to curb the propagation of the disease is now imperative.

Dengue fever is propagated by mosquito bites in tropical countries. The symptoms include fever, headache, muscle pain, and a skin rash like that caused by measles. It is caused by 5 different viruses that infect mosquitoes; therefore, having once been affected by the disease does not necessarily mean that one has become immune to it.

The insects then transmit it the virus to humans when taking a blood meal. No vaccine has been made yet. The situation is dealt by tackling the mosquito populations to avoid being bitten by them. Dengue fever is not contagious; that is, it does not spread directly from human to human. The Minister of Health has planned to sensitize the Mauritian population about the precautionary measures to be taken via a press conference today.

For now, the Ministry has resorted to fumigation to curtail the spread of the mosquitoes vectors of the disease.


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