How You Can Help To Find The Missing Malaysian Airline

The search has been going on for days now, to no avail. No news of the missing Malaysian airline yet. Many countries are collaborating together to help elucidate the matter. People from all over the world are showing solidarity to the Malaysian people. Some are helping out with their resources, and others are making sure they include the Malaysian population in their prayers.

If some have contributed by sending airplanes and ships to look for the missing airplane, others have resorted to more innovative ways – allowing more and more people to help however they possibly can. How?


An American company, DigitalGlobe, has come up with a strategy to allow internet-users to give a hand in finding the airplane.

DigitalGlobe is specialised in spatial imagery. It has deployed many satellites to capture high resolution images of the areas where searches are being concentrated. The mini project it has launched has been named Tomnod , and people can look for what might be debris on maps.

Already, thousands are internet-users have lended their helping hand. The Tomnod platform gives out images caught by the satellites, and all people have to do is carefully look for signs of debris. In case something peculiar is found, it just has to be tagged so that others are notified and can actually confirm whether it really is debris.


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