Canada Recruiting Mauritian Doctors

Canada is currently recruiting Mauritian doctors to work there. Around a hundred of competent Mauritian doctors will be part of this program. Some time back, Mauritians adept in the sector of plumbing, masonry, mechanics and industrial painting were being recruited. Now, a new recruitment program of doctors is being organised. The International Organisation for Migration of our country and the Federal Government of Canada had together worked on a circular migration program to be able to recruit workers from the island to work in Canada. Under this agreement, Canada had shown its interest in Mauritians several times before.




The project is still being negotiated between the parties involved. Once everything is settled, the contracts will be drafted and finalised. Canada will then set up a medical association for the purpose of interviewing the candidates signing up for this project, and Mauritian doctors aspiring to gain experience abroad will finally be able to realise their dreams.


Mauritians are known to shine wheresoever they are in the world. One of our strengths is our ability to speak many foreign languages. Bilingualism is always a plus point, and the more so for a country like Canada, which would give priority to people able to master the 2 languages spoken the most in the country.Mauritians are, in this sense, the ideal candidates, since we can speak both English and French quite fluently. In line with this, a new initiative has been planned for the introduction of more foreign languages to be taught in colleges.

Mauritians have been recruited in the past thanks to this agreement between the 2 countries, and yet other countries which hire foreign workers. Last year, 56 Mauritians were recruited via this program. Many are those who express the desire to work abroad because of the broadened opportunities available and accessible to them.


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