Ministry of Health Employees Union Demonstrating At Candos Because of Safety and Health Issues

The members of the Ministry of Health Employees Union (MHEU) had organised a demonstration in front of Victoria Hospital at Candos today. Their aim was to denounce what they call deplorable work conditions. They complain that they have to face problems ranging from inadequate space and training, troubles with ventilation and a lack of hygiene as well.


To express their outrage at the situation they are currently facing, they had made banners to voice out their complaints. Around ten of them lent their participation in the demonstration. Of their purposes was to sensitise people about the problems of health and safety in hospitals, as well as pushing the authorities concerned to take the necessary measures to deal with the situation.

They expressly chose today for the demonstration because the 28th of April marks the world day of safety and health at work.

The World Day for Safety and Health was initiated by the International Labour Organisation (ILO). The ILO wished to increase awareness about the topic of safety at work, and came up with the World Day idea in 2003. Ever since, this has been celebrated worldwide, each year having a different theme on which they choose to focus to launch campaigns.


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