Mauritian ISPs To Pay Up To Rs 10000 Fines For Poor Quality of Service

Internet users are going to rejoice over the new regulations having been implemented by the Ministry of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) which had long been promised. If there is one thing that internet users can’t get over with, it has to be the connectivity issue. This is what will be settled thanks to the application of the new rules.


The Quality Service Regulations being implemented will now be the guarantee that the service providers will have to fulfill their obligations without having any excuse. The Internet Service Providers (ISP) will have to see to it that the quality of service that they are putting at the disposal of people lives up to the expectations that they themselves stirred in the first place. In case of connection issues, the user will be able to file a complaint at the Information and Communication Technologies Authority (ICTA).

Well, it was high time for such stringent rules to be established. Slow connectivity, connectivity cuts and just what not are so often the reasons for driving Mauritians crazy! They subscribe to a certain internet package thinking that they will finally be able to access internet as and when they so wish, and then baam! It does not connect; it is so much slower than it was previously promised to be; the connection cannot be maintained, and I’m sure you can drag this list even further.


Users would often feel at the mercy of their service provider; they subscribe to the package and when, later on, they face troubles with the internet connection, they just have to deal with it.


Having to rush to the branches of the ISP and demanding to be answered, and then having to wait for them to attend to their problems… Well, no more of this now!

The ICTA will now have the right to do regular check-ups to evaluate the quality of service offered by the ISPs. ICTA officials will be allowed to make tests at the operators’ or at the clients’ in order to ensure that the service being provided is at the adequate level. The operators have been notified to take all the necessary measures so that they abide by the newly-formulated law. They will now have to ensure that the service they are providing are at least 60% functional. Those not keeping up with this change are liable to pay a fine of as much as Rs 10 000 and one year of imprisonment.

Another clause written out in the new regulations is that the operators have to clearly and explicitly state their offers. What they advertise has to be in line with what they really are offering to the clients, and this has to be worded out properly. ICTA is not only imposing rules and regulations on the internet operators. Rather, it has also lent a helping hand in the processes entailed in the modifications of the laws. It is assisting the ISPs to update their technical data relating to the different offers: that is, writing out black on white the options available for the different packages.

Enhancing the quality of service cannot be complete without accommodating for the feedback of users. The latter will be able to lodge their complaints concerning the service being provided to them. Taking into consideration the feedback from users is indeed filling the gaps between user and service provider, so as it becomes a two-way traffic, where the user can voice out his response as to his satisfaction or dissatisfaction as to what he is paying for. This is what is required for all consumers to have, right?!



  1. Joseph Cledio on

    There’s no ISP have giving a good internet services in Mauritius. When the users ask them what happen, they answered that they can’t do anything more to ameliorate the speed and when it has a breakdown they argued that this can go for five days without refund, and they argued that are the rules and regulations of ICTA. How much you’re registered for a package you’re will received 170 kilo bits per second no more all the ISP do the same. When you make a speed test you will see about 20 to 30 MBps, but they pushed only bandwidth but no consistent inside for you get good internet speed and video streaming.

    To understand what is your internet speed, type (think8.8.8.8) in the address bar or make a “PING TEST” not a speed test!!!.

    For a good internet connection you must receive ” Packet Loss 0%, Jitter 0, Ping 50 or less, MOS 4.5 or more, your download must be if you subscribe for 2MBps it must be about 1.8 MBps or more and upload about 1,0MBps or more.


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