Month: July 2014

First Mauritians In Space Are.. Lizards

Biological experiments have taken five Mauritian geckos to space. Russian scientists wish to make observations of the sexual behaviour of the green lizards in zero-gravity environments. Mauritius just got famous! The curiosity of the human mind has fired many of humanity’s greatest adventures. Humans are characterised by their habit of constantly asking and going after

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Promising Blood Test To Detect Cancer Developed

New research has brought forth a blood test which could potentially detect cancer. The study focused on white blood cells which were shown to have undergone damage according to the extent of exposure to ultraviolet light which might trigger cancerous growths– this could represent a yardstick to gauge cancer development. While nothing is definite yet,

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Babies in Womb Can Memories Sound Patterns Done By Mother

Researchers of a new study published in the journal Infant Behavior and Development have suggested that foetuses respond to their mothers’ voices better than to any other sound, and that the frequent exposure to certain sound patterns could be memorised by them in the third trimester of pregnancy, thereby potentially aiding in learning. While the

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All Dinosaurs Had Feathers According To New Controversial Study

dinosaur with feathers

All Dinosaurs had feathers? Yes according to recent studies on Dinosaur fossils. New fossils having been discovered in Siberia of a dinosaur species Kulindadromeus zabaikalicus have led some scientists to theorise that all dinosaurs might have had feathers. They based their speculations on the fact that they found highly preserved feathers on the fossils of

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African Elephants Detect Smells Much Better Than You

Ever wondered about the nose of elephants? Is it just about size, or is there more to it? A new study has shown that its quality is as enhanced as it is long in size! The trunk of the African is composed of olfactory receptors coded by an astonishingly high number of genes that confer

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Intake of Probiotics Lowers and Normalise Blood Pressure


A new study has shown that probiotics, foods or dietary supplements consisting of beneficial bacteria, might be advantageous for the health of the heart by normalising high blood pressure. While the idea of bacteria finding their way inside our bodies might be repulsive, it remains a fact that we coexist at an extremely intimate level:

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HIV Virus Deleted From Human Cells For The First Time

Ever since AIDS has been ravaging societies, scientists have been put at work to find a cure. A new study has shown that the virus can be deleted from human cells by introducing a nuclease-RNA molecular tool which acts on the genome of the virus. These results could potentially provide the building blocks for an HIV vaccine.

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Siberia Mysterious Giant Hole At “End of the World” Being Explored

mysterious giant hole siberia

A strange giant hole appeared out of nowhere in Siberia some days ago. Scientists are now exploring this mysterious hole to find out what could have caused it. Aliens? Global warning? Sinkholes are somewhat growing more common these days. Recently, one in the north of Siberia was found, the discovery of which bewildered people worldwide.

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Google Chrome Is Killing Your Laptop Battery – But Fix Is Coming Soon

google chrome browser

Google Chrome browser is depleting your laptop’s battery like no other browser. It’s nothing new though. Users around the world have been reporting this issue since some time. It is only now when a Forbes contributor pointed it out that Google is set to fix it. It is only now when a Forbes contributor pointed

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Project Zero – Google Recruits Elite Hackers To Protect The Web

What if a team of experts were to purge softwares from major and minor flaws that render them vulnerable to attack? This is the new ambitious project of Google, known as Project Zero. Hacking experts have been recruited by Google to work on vulnerabilities spotted in well-known softwares – the goal is to find them

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Astonishing 10000yo Aliens Paintings In India Discovered By Archaeologists

Several paintings of aliens and spaceships as we know them, have been discovered in India by a team of Archaeologists. A cave in India, in the state of Chhattisgarh, has unveiled paintings carved into its walls representing weird figures that could easily be passed off as some alien species. Some shapes might even be pointing

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