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Astonishing 10000yo Aliens Paintings In India Discovered By Archaeologists

Several paintings of aliens and spaceships as we know them, have been discovered in India by a team of Archaeologists. A cave in India, in the state of Chhattisgarh, has unveiled paintings carved into its walls representing weird figures that could easily be passed off as some alien species. Some shapes might even be pointing to spacecrafts and weapons. Has the earth been visited by aliens centuries ago?

alien painting

A common feature of prehistoric life is the array of paintings attributed to the people living during that time. The people having lived on earth centuries before left their markings on cave walls. Sometimes, these are drawings, and, at others, a whole language system, as in the case of the Egyptian hieroglyphs – what have puzzled archaeologists since forever. They all point at the lifestyle of their people, as well as their interactions with other creatures. Even creatures from other galaxies? A new discovery of paintings in a cave in India in the Charama region found in the district of Kanker has proved to be even even more enigmatic – the drawings depict weird figures that could be interpreted as being aliens and their spaceships, or so it seems, according to what an archaeologist, JR Bhagat stated.

aliens paintings india

The figures look like our modern illustrations of extraterrestrial creatures.

A tripod object has also been spotted, which could possibly be their spacecraft. Could this mean that the Indian state of Chhattisgarh where the cave is situated was once visited by aliens? No concrete evidence exists to substantiate the suggestions of the archaeologist. Well, researchers have always been fascinated by the concept of alien life, right? While human life itself is punctuated by sporadic lack of harmony and accord, humans are excited about discovering foreign life – the irony of life. Recently, a NASA scientist stated that humans are very near to coming across extraterrestrial life; he even went further saying that this could happen in the next 20 years.

But, what if they were right? What if the painting in the Indian cave were only attesting to the presence of such creature living somewhere out there in the universe? Oh, now we wonder. If they really exist, and have landed on Earth during prehistoric time, why have they not come back? Food for thought!

One theory could be, about a team of alien survivors who came to earth to plant the seed of humanity as we know it today after leaving a dying planet: Maybe Mars?

The paintings show figures carved on the walls of the cave. They seem to be holding some object, perhaps weapons. Their facial features are not conspicuous though; it is mostly just the silhouette drawn out, as if to highlight the mystery. They date back from at least 10 000 years ago, based on preliminary tests. If aliens wound up at an Indian cave, what kept them from reaching out to us for 10 000 years? According to JR Bhagat, the findings could represent what humans have witnessed or what they have simply imagined. Much more research is needed to be done to pierce through the mystery surrounding this painting.

What further intensifies the mystery is a legend that is well-known in that part of the area where the cave is located. The people from the village stated that an ancient tale about tiny creatures – what they call the ‘rohel people’ – coming from the sky and kidnapping people who are never returned.

Seems like the opinions of experts are needed to shed light on the affair. Bhagat said that the Chhattisgarh State Department of Archaeology and Culture will soon contact the Indian national space agency and NASA asking for assistance.


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  1. Howard Schumann on

    Yes, by all means, bring in the experts. They will tell us that it is all explainable by science – perhaps ancient man read too many science fiction books or watched too much TV? More likely, they will tell you that it’s either a camera trick, a feat of imagination, a depiction of animals they may have seen, or some sort of religious ritual. Everything but the truth.


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