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Watch Out: August 2014 Supermoon Will Be Biggest of This Year

Waiting for the next Supermoon of 2014? In a month’s time, the world will be able to witness the largest and shiniest of full moons. The moon will be the closest to the Earth than it has been for the rest of the days of the year, because of an elaborate astronomical alignment. It will thus appear larger and brighter.

On Monday, 10th of August, the supermoon will shine out to the world. That will mark the event whereby the moon will be the closest to our planet, as opposed to the other supermoons. Five supermoons have been scheduled for 2014, and the August one promises to be the awesomest, with the moon only around 356896 kilometers from us.

What is a Supermoon?

‘Supermoon’ is a term used to describe the moon when it comes to the closest points (at perigee) to the earth as both heavenly bodies are orbiting in their respective orbits.

However, only three supermoon events are being talked about mostly: the one on Saturday 12th of July, the August one and the last one on September 9th, though it is reported that the 1st of January too was punctuated by a supermoon event.

At perigee, when the moon is incredibly close to the Earth, it is approximately 49890 km closer than when it is the furthest away in its orbit – the term to describe the latter is ‘apogee’. Supermoons thus do appear to be larger to us: 14 % larger and 30 % brighter than when the moon is the furthest.

The moon already exerts influence on the tides. Now, imagine the effect of the supermoons. Both high and low tides are more intense than during normal times. However, this does not pose a threat to us: it does not increase the risk of storms, or any other disaster.


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