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Domain Name .io – British Gov Leveraging On Sales – Chagossians Demand Answers!

The British government has been making huge profits selling the domain name extension “.io” – which was initially set for the inhabitants of the Chagos Islands. Now that this news is out in the open, the expelled Chagossian people demand answers.

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Ever since the British government put the domain “.io” to sale in 1998, the latter has known abounding success. Not to mention that this success implies that the British government had huge sums of money finding their way to its coffers. The domain name “.io” stands for “Indian Ocean”, and was initially reserved only for the residents of the Chagos Islands. “.io” is now extremely popular among start-ups.

The abbreviation is the same for “input-output”, which is another term describing the relation between computer and the outside world: feeding information into the computer is called input, while output is the processed information given out by the computer. “.io” has now become very common among developers and other such companies.

Back in 1998, when the domain name was put for sale, the islands of the Chagos were inhabited by British and American soldiers. The deal was made between the British state and the Internet Computer Bureau. The conditions of the agreement stipulate that the British government would have a certain percentage (which is as yet unknown) of the 60 pound sterlings received each time the domain “.io” is activated. This news has recently been let out by the site Gigaom.

Much remains unknown though, like, how many domain names have been sold, or how much has Britain made from the selling of the domain names.

As reported on Gigaom.com, the Chagossian people were unaware of the money being made from domains associated with their country. Now that they have been informed of this, they are demanding that the government reveals the amount of money it made via these transactions, and how was this money spent.


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