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Google Chrome Is Killing Your Laptop Battery – But Fix Is Coming Soon

Google Chrome browser is depleting your laptop’s battery like no other browser. It’s nothing new though. Users around the world have been reporting this issue since some time. It is only now when a Forbes contributor pointed it out that Google is set to fix it. It is only now when a Forbes contributor pointed it out that Google is set to fix it.

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One of the most annoying things nowadays is the sign that reads: “Battery low”. Be it for our phones or laptops. How dependent have we become on technology. We often have to walk with our chargers just in case. Then, we’re always looking for ways to minimize battery use, just so it does not deplete earlier than it normally should. Well, guess what. It has been reported that a certain bug in Chrome for Windows has been depleting the batteries for long now. Uh-oh. Now, how to fix this?

This problem was observed by Ian Morris, a contributor to Forbes. He found that Chrome has been draining batteries more in comparison to the other browsers. Chrome takes in more power because the processor of the system does not become idle when the browser is not doing anything. The relationship between Chrome and battery power involve timer resolution on Windows. When timers are tuned to high resolution, the processor is kept awake such that it is anticipating to perform tasks at any millisecond. Chrome is such that when it is running, clock resolution is set to 1ms. Chrome keeps the processor in this mode 1000 times per second which ends up depleting more power. For instance, if the browser is running in the background, the tick rate is still at 1 millisecond. When this is done for a prolonged amount of time, power consumption is increased by around 25 %, though this depends on the configuration of the hardware.

Now, Google will be working on the problem to correct it soon. This decision was finally made after having been notified by Ian Morris.

Chrome might probably be the reason behind your battery being depleted in less time than it normally would. You might now want to close Chrome when you’re not using it.


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