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Google’s Smart Contact Lenses That Can Monitor Glucose Level of Diabetics

The dream of myopic people will soon come true – this year will witness the birth of Google’s smart contact lenses. In association with the company Novartis, Google has engineered contact lenses equipped with the technology to enhance the vision of people with eyesight troubles, and at the same time, measuring blood glucose levels of diabetic patients.

smart contact lenses

Google is always coming up with unconventional inventions. Next on the list is the “smart contact lenses.” Oh, we’re in the smart-gadgets era, right?! Google will be launching this in collaboration with a Swiss drug company Novartis.

The smart contact lenses are meant to enhance the vision of the wearers. They also do more than that, much more than that. They have been designed such that they can monitor the health of those wearing the gadget. Diabetic patients will be able to have their glucose level monitored: the contact lenses will serve to assess the concentration of glucose in the tears of the persons. This will be done by non-invasive sensors, microchips, and miniaturized electronics. Furthermore, the contact lenses will also have the ability to fix the focus of the eye of those whose eyesight has deteriorated with time.

The first prototype was released in January this year. The contact lenses are equipped with a small glucose sensor, and a chip embedded in between the layers. These are found outside the pupil so as not to obstruct vision. An extremely small hole has been made for the tears to reach into the glucose sensor. This invention is being hailed as one of its kinds, which would greatly help diabetic patients. The latter would not have to take their blood to test their blood glucose level.

The smart contact lenses will not make it to the market soon. At least five years will pass by before they are authorized to enter consumers’ world.


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