Month: July 2014

Vantablack: The World’s Darkest Material Created

Save the name: Vantablack, it’s darker than black and is considered as the world’s darkest material right now. Black is beautiful, probably like no other color is. It is discrete and dull, while it screams a wide range of messages, with its touch of mystery. So many people find themselves pulled to this color for

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Google’s Smart Contact Lenses That Can Monitor Glucose Level of Diabetics

The dream of myopic people will soon come true – this year will witness the birth of Google’s smart contact lenses. In association with the company Novartis, Google has engineered contact lenses equipped with the technology to enhance the vision of people with eyesight troubles, and at the same time, measuring blood glucose levels of diabetic patients.

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Alien Life On Jupiter’s Moon Europa – NASA To Launch Exploration

A scientist from NASA, Kevin Hand, has suggested that Europa, the moon orbiting around Jupiter, might be a flourishing ground for life – microbes in hydrothermal vents. NASA is even looking forward to launching a mission to Europa in some years. The curious minds of humans have always pushed them to wonder about life outside

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Facebook Users Angry At Steven Spielberg For Killing A “Dinosaur”

It seems that together with the dinosaurs, the common comedic sense of some people has also gone extinct. A recent Facebook prank showing Steven Spielberg sitting in front of a hunted dinosaur has gone viral on the leading social network: Facebook. The photo showing Spielberg with a dead Triceratops was actually a joke by satirist

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Watch Out: August 2014 Supermoon Will Be Biggest of This Year


Waiting for the next Supermoon of 2014? In a month’s time, the world will be able to witness the largest and shiniest of full moons. The moon will be the closest to the Earth than it has been for the rest of the days of the year, because of an elaborate astronomical alignment. It will

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Earth’s Magnetic Field Is Weakening Faster Than Expected

The magnetic field generated around planet Earth is paramount for life to be sustained. The field prevents harmful solar radiation from reaching the atmosphere. Scientists are forever monitoring the changes happening around the earth. In so doing, they found that the magnetic field has been decreasing in strength faster and faster over time. Could this

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Voyager 1 Struck By Solar Tsunami Waves In Interstellar Space

Voyager 1, the spacecraft that was launched in 1977 to explore the outer solar system, might have been propelled into interstellar space by now according to NASA. Interstellar space is the physical space filled with ionized gas, within a galaxy which is not occupied by stars or any of their planetary systems. The confirmation comes

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