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Intake of Probiotics Lowers and Normalise Blood Pressure

A new study has shown that probiotics, foods or dietary supplements consisting of beneficial bacteria, might be advantageous for the health of the heart by normalising high blood pressure.


While the idea of bacteria finding their way inside our bodies might be repulsive, it remains a fact that we coexist at an extremely intimate level: many species of microorganisms flourish inside of our bodies, forming part of the normal microflora. Indeed, microorganisms are beneficial to us, provided they are present within certain limits. In some cases, certain microorganisms are ingested because of the beneficial factors they confer onto the person. The term used to describe these microorganism supplemements is probiotics.

These healthy bacteria can be obtained from food items like yogurt, fermented and sour milk, cheese and dietary supplements. Authors of a new study have even suggested that probiotics are beneficial for the circulatory system.

Blood pressure (BP) was found to be decreased through the consumption of beneficial bacteria. The research entailed analysis of data of adults who would consume probiotics and those who would not. Those who took in the probiotics had decreased BP as compared to those who did not. Furthermore, the scientists discovered that those with BP higher than normal would have their heart rate normalised by consuming probiotics. Furthermore, probiotics composed of multiple bacteria yielded more positive effects of lowering BP than those with single bacteria. These effects would only be observed when the consumption of the probiotics was continued over a period of more than eight weeks.

The researchers therefore concluded that the results suggest that probiotics act on the cholesterol level in the blood such that this impacts positively on BP. Probiotics might be decreasing blood glucose and insulin resistance. They also suggested that the probiotics could be regulating the hormones responsible for controlling BP.


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