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Project Zero – Google Recruits Elite Hackers To Protect The Web

What if a team of experts were to purge softwares from major and minor flaws that render them vulnerable to attack? This is the new ambitious project of Google, known as Project Zero. Hacking experts have been recruited by Google to work on vulnerabilities spotted in well-known softwares – the goal is to find them and fix them such that targeted attacks are reduced.

project zero

Google will never cease to come up with unbelievable projects, will it not? It has publicly proclaimed its new one entitled “Project Zero”. This will entail hackers helping to protect the internet. Google has hired experts to enhance internet security by detecting the most subtle of flaws in software and setting them right before they can be exploited by criminals and the likes who encroach on the privacy of others. So, the internet just got safer?!

As first phase of the project, Google hired several hackers to cater for Project Zero. It has recruited internet security experts, including an existing employee at Google, working as as Information Security Engineer, and George Hotz, famous for his hacking of Sony’s PlayStation 3 and Apple’s iPhone. Hotz is notorious for this feat of his which even dragged him to court for his hacking of Sony’s, but the matter was settled eventually. Seems like Google saw talent that it did not want to go without.

The team will work together to identify bugs in the products of Google, and so much more. The experts will be able to decide about the targets themselves – and not only for Google products. Hunting for security flaws, vulnerabilities, and bugs will be their main aim.

Project Zero goes as follows. The team will proceed to identify vulnerabilities in softwares used by a vast amount of people. When flaws are found, the vendors will be notified.


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