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Siberia Mysterious Giant Hole At “End of the World” Being Explored

A strange giant hole appeared out of nowhere in Siberia some days ago. Scientists are now exploring this mysterious hole to find out what could have caused it. Aliens? Global warning?

mysterious giant hole siberia

Sinkholes are somewhat growing more common these days. Recently, one in the north of Siberia was found, the discovery of which bewildered people worldwide. The craters makes around 80 meters, while its depth is as yet unknown to us. What could have caused the sinkhole to appear? Many speculations have been made concerning its origin when experts were called to evaluate the being of the crater.

What causes the earth to swallow a piece of itself to leave behind a crater, as if, in the form of an exclamation?

Maybe a meteorite hit that spot, resulting into a hole in the earth? Or, you know, maybe it’s just aliens who took a sample of the earth for analysis in their high-tech laboratories? Ah, one can only speculate, right? Ok, let’s get real now. Maybe it is a geological phenomenon. How plausible? What really makes sense?

mysterious giant hole siberia

According to some experts, the crater might have been there for some time now – two years approximately.

Anna Kurchatova, scientist from the Sub-Arctic Scientific Research Centre, purported that the hole might have been formed by the gas field found in its vicinity in Yamal. Thousands of years ago, the now much-mediatised region of Siberia used to be covered by masses of sea. With time, sand, salt and methane might have become embedded in ice all across that piece of earth. Now, in a context of intensifying global warming, the ice might be melting. As it thawed, the gases inside would be released. As the gases are emitted, the pressure that builds up causes an explosion, and boom!

Next thing that happens is a hole in the ground! If this theory were to be right, it would not be good news for us. The north pole region is undergoing great thawing of the permafrost there, like never before. Other areas packed with gases trapped in them could follow the same fate… Uh-oh.

However, as long as nothing is definite, we cannot as yet ring the alarm bell, can we? It might also turn out to be that the reason behind the sinkhole has much less serious implications. For instance, it could have been caused by the movements of soil, that have let out a hole in the earth. For better analysis, scientists have gleaned samples of the air, water and soil of the region. Evaluating the situation on the premises of the sinkhole is quite challenging. Researchers cannot get into the lake because it is not safe to get into a fragile location that could crumble any time – the crater is seemingly made of ice. So, they had to make do with sending cameras down to witness the happenings.

Not a meteorite though!

According to other experts, it could not have been the result of a meteorite, since the evidence showed that no explosion took place. Explosions leave behind characteristic traces which were not found there. Rather, it was more of an ejection, and not an explosion, therefore no heat was released.

Meanwhile, experts are still working on it, as to what is the reason behind the formation of the enormous crater.


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