Shortage of Medicinal Drugs in Mauritian Hospitals

Lately, hospitals across the island are facing great dilemma: a large proportion of the important drugs are lacking. Of the 700 essential ones, 200 are not available. As a consequence, the needs of patients are not being fully fulfilled.


It has been reported that hospitals are facing a great shortage in medicines and drugs. Nearly one-third of the essential drugs on the list drafted for hospitals are not available; out of the 700 essential drugs, around 200 are not accessible. Doctors, nurses and pharmacists are all confirming the lack of medicines.

All departments of the hospitals are being affected by this shortage of drugs: the casualty unit, the gyneacology one, pediatry, and so on.

What is behind this severe lack of drugs? Does the problem lie on the side of the manufacturer, or the Mauritian importers? Either one, it is the patients who are negatively affected by the problem. Doctors and nurses are as helpless, if not more.


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  1. Frank Jensen on

    Good morning Mauritius.
    After some time we’ve heard about this problem, from our local friends and nothing seems to happen, i simply must ask this question, who is in charge of this area, from the Government ? By the best of my knowledge, this person is failing to do his job well.One last question, will it still be safe, to travel to Mauritius and can i rely on to get the care i need if i get sick ?


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