Day: August 5, 2014

Pepper Helps Fight Against Colorectal Cancer

chili pepper

Pepper is more beneficial than we would have thought. A new study, published in the Journal of Clinical Investigation, suggests that the main ingredient in chili peppers, dietary capsaicin, decreases the risk of developing colorectal cancer. The dietary capsaicin is said to stimulate the activation of an ion channel known as TRPV1 which lines the

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Dinosaurs Actually Evolved Into Birds For Species Survival

Dinosaurs are said to be the ancestors of birds. Why did these dinosaurs reduce in size, and develop wings? A new study has exposed the possible reasons and advantages of the consistent reduction in size of the ancestors of birds, the Theropod dinosaurs. Dinosaurs come from birds, as evolutionists have theorised decades back. If this

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Ebola “Secret Serum” ZMapp Used On 2 Americans

Two Americans previously infected with the Ebola virus have taken in a secret serum known as ZMApp and their health have ultimately improved. Could ZMapp be the solution to the Ebola outbreak in West Africa? Little is known, as ZMapp itself is shrouded in mystery. The West Africa Ebola epidemic has been intensifying for a

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