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3 Mysterious Holes in Siberia Explained

Siberia now has three giant “mysterious” craters to show off to the world. They are said to be unique because of the possible way they might have been formed: scientists claim that gases were released from the earth’s surface, thereby causing the formation of the craters. However, some still argue that this was not the case, and that the craters were created the conventional way. Which is true?

mysterious giant hole siberia

Picture of the one in Yamal region

Siberia is tearing up. As of now, three massive holes have been detected. Ever since they were discovered, scientists have been hovering around them, trying to make sense of their existence. The first one is located in the Yamal Peninsula, making around 79 meters; the second one is around 15 meters found in the Taz district; the last one making approximately 91 meters is situated in Taymyr Peninsula.

Why have three sink holes formed in that region of the world?

What does this mean? Could they be heralding something bad to happen, as some are saying these are signs of the end of the world? Some have even exclaimed that these are the doings of aliens. Or, maybe, somewhat more realistically, meteorites? Missiles, perhaps?

These are but theories; some are just more far-fetched than the others.

Siberia Sink Holes Created By Eruption of Gases

Experts have said that these three craters represent a unique type of sinkhole. The researchers are thus extremely eager to explore further. Now, why unique? Well, sinkholes are formed when gigantic chunks of the earth sink inside the crater. However, the ones in Siberia are said to have been formed as a result of an eruption of those chunks of earth out in the form of gases. This has not been documented in scientific literature before. Yet, some scientists still claim that the three Siberia craters were formed the conventional way of earth collapsing inside, while others argue that materials did get emitted out.

According to the Siberian Times, a scientist from the Sub-Arctic Scientific Research Center of Russia, Anna Kurchatova, maintains that gases were released from the craters, thereby causing the holes to be formed.

Now, we are going to have to wait for the researchers to dig deeper into the matter to understand the real reason but we somehow can manage with a at least one logical explanation for the time being, while kicking the alien landing theory out.


Crater in Taz district

Crater in Tarmyr region


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