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China New Operating System To Replace Windows and Android

After a number of clashes China had with the United States over issues related to Operating System (OS) security, the former decided to make its own OS. Some Chinese OSs do exist, but they are not as effective as the imported ones such as Microsoft Windows. The new one, however, is expected to become a new rival of the likes of Microsoft and Google. The OS will be ready by October of this year.OS made in china

Ever since China has taken the steps forward to take over international markets, the ‘saying’ “Everything is made in China” has become more and more famous, as the country has been increasingly exporting a wide array of products manufactured by its local industries. Recently, China has made yet another move: it now wishes to come forward with a new Operating System (OS), of the likes of Microsoft and Google. China is growing in ambitious projects.

The Operating System might be ready by October to replace Microsoft Corp, Google Inc, and Apple Inc. After the issues between China and the United States over the question of cyber security, China finally decided to make its own OS for its local users. In the first phase of the project, the OS will support desktop devices. As another step, the OS will be extended to mobile phones. Other Chinese-developed OSs do exist, but they are not up the standards of the likes of the US ones. So, the new OS will be a giant leap forward for the country.

The officials are positive that the said OS will gradually take over the existing imported ones in one or two years’ time.

The issues that China had with the imported OS were related to questions over security. It had previously banned Windows 8. China also had Microsoft in suspicion of anti-trust violations. It also considered Google having too much control over the smartphone industry in the country. To avoid further issues, China took to manufacturing its own – producing locally will kill off the dependence on overseas industries.


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