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Coffee Decreases The Symptoms Of Tinnitus

Tinnitus, the condition whereby one has a long-lasting hissing sound in the ears, has been shown to decrease in intensity by the consumption of coffee. And, yet another fact that is going to make coffee-lovers rejoice! What is still a mystery is the exact amount of caffeine that is needed to have any positive effect on the condition. The cure to Tinnitus has still not been discovered, but for the time being, maybe coffee will do?


The ‘virtues’ of coffee are many. And, so are the drawbacks associated with its over-consumption. The battle between its positive points and negative points keeps on intensifying. Recently, researchers published a study in the American Journal of Medicine that puts forward another said benefit of coffee – a relief to tinnitus. Tinnitus is the continuous ringing in the inner ear. The study suggests that coffee has positive effects in doing away with the buzzing in the ear.

Tinnitus condition is not painful to bear, but, it can be quite annoying having to tolerate a constant buzzing sound in one’s ears. Pretty much like the irritation one feels when mosquitoes hover around the ears. Coffee has been observed to lower Tinnitus by a certain proportion. Increasing in one’s caffeine’s intake might decrease Tinnitus by 15 %. What is not established is the right amount of caffeine consumption. The results showed that increasing coffee consumption by three times (like, 4 to 5 cups daily) accounted for the decrease in the extent of symptoms of Tinnitus.

How caffeine acts on the body to reduce Tinnitus is unknown. Yet, the scientists maintain that the results are definitive.


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