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Dinosaurs Actually Evolved Into Birds For Species Survival

Dinosaurs are said to be the ancestors of birds. Why did these dinosaurs reduce in size, and develop wings? A new study has exposed the possible reasons and advantages of the consistent reduction in size of the ancestors of birds, the Theropod dinosaurs.


Dinosaurs come from birds, as evolutionists have theorised decades back. If this is really true, why did they evolve into birds, decreasing in size and bearing wings? In an attempt to categorising any pattern of evolution, scientists have studied the family trees of many species of dinosaurs. They examined around 1500 anatomical traits of the animals to determine their lineage. To understand how they might have evolved over time, the researchers made use of mathematical models.

Theropod Dinosaurs

Their results showed that the Theropod dinosaurs were the ones to have consistently transformed into smaller creatures over time. The Theropods are said to be the ancestors of birds. They are also said to have had feathers. Feathery dinosaurs? Yes, pretty much that. The theropods might have evolved these special traits like feathers faster than the other dinosaur species.

They were smaller, lighter, able to evolve at a faster pace, and hence, were at a great advantage over the other dinosaurs. They thus had more opportunities to exploit other ecosystems, like trees. They could climb onto trees, glide and fly away with just a click of the wings. They could fly away to new lands as well. Having a new, efficient means of transport, which was supported by their lighter weight compared to the majestic dinosaurs, they could have easily escaped the meteorite impact that is said to have killed most dinosaurs.

So, the Theropods changed for the better, or so it seems. Who says smaller size does not make one better?



  1. Rob on

    The “theory” of evolution is just that a theory. However, this theory has withstood intense scrutiny from associated scientific communities for over 150 years and hasn’t been disproven. Whereas, the religious community has got the bible and little else. Fantastic claims about the origins of life, should come with fantastic claims of proof. With no physical proof and a “because we said so” mentality, just doesn’t cut it. And the scientific community treats them as non existent to the questions that still remain.

  2. jet on

    Whew lots of harsh critism here. I do agree with the sharing of some traits.. Certainly opens ones eyes. There are also many types of species that more so resemble birds. But are not birds. The truth to what happen to the large land walking reptiles is still a mystery.

  3. Kane on

    Thank the LORD that there are fewer and fewer nut cases like Roger in this world… We are slowly evolving into better human beings without the need for the supernatural and mysticism and myth. Roger the dinosaur will be extinct….. Reason and logic will prevail…. Hallelujah, praise Jebus. 😛

  4. RT on

    bwahaha….biggest creatures on earth “evolved” into birds to survive –that is too funy. What’s next whales turning into mice???

  5. JimmaDaRustla on

    Your scripture is more “supposition and conjecture” than evolution theory. You’re statement vouches ignorance with pure certainty while discrediting factual information – irony in its’ purest form.

    If you can agree to disagree, you’ll be respected. Contesting one argument over the other makes you a fool and a hypocrit, however.

  6. John Best on

    This is not news. We’ve known for a long time that birds evolved from dinosaurs. (So to answer the question once and for all: the egg came first).
    Oh and Roger, it’s better to keep your mouth shut and let people think you are ignorant than it is to open it and prove it.

  7. Evo 11 on

    I do not know how birds evolved, but theoretically, evolution takes place very gradually.

    Why any creature would find flight-incapable wing-like aPpendages giving it a survival edge is quite inconceivable.

    And feathers? What good would those do?

    Legs and arms I can believe as products of evolution. Same goes for fins and fliPpers. But wings?


    I don’t believe in the literal account contained in modern bibles about creation either.

  8. Roger on

    Birds did not ‘evolve’; they were created by The LORD. Scoffers who cite evolution are simply denying The LORD, whose words we can read. The whole idea of evolution is supposition and conjecture. The King James Bible states in the Book of Genesis, chapter 1, verse 21: “And God created great whales, and every living creature that moveth, which the waters brought forth abundantly, after their kind, and every winged fowl after his kind: and God saw that it was good.” Birds did not evolve. Period.

    • steve on

      I really don’t think anyone understands “god”, especially those intolerant people that regurgitate verses to try to explain things they don’t understand. The Bible is full of wisdom, life lessons, human suffering and history, not a book for intolerant fools.
      How do YOU know that a human didn’t alter the writings in the Bible so they could control others or amass wealth and power ? We know that today’s history omits uncomfortable things, and embellishes other events to make leaders seem wise and righteous, it certainly happened 2000 years ago as well…
      Darwin was on the right track for the most part, everything evolves,… except for religious zealots.

    • Chris on

      I hope you know a person with less education then an average elementary school graduate wrote that book your talking about. Evolution is a proven fact even if you believe in a greater power. Period.

    • marty on

      There is far too much stupid in this world when people quote King James Bible as historical fact. I’m hoping you are just trolling for a joke, otherwise to quote a book full of fictional stories and think this is overwhelming evidence of creation is just sad.

    • Dave on

      Just like you point out that this article is not true, because it’s written doesn’t mean it’s true. If something is written then proof is needed to determine if it is true or a lack thereof to disprove it. Please provide some actual proof to your quote.

    • Observer on

      God did create them but it doesn’t really spell out how, so why is evolution out from the realm of possabilities of how God created them?

    • Ward on

      I dont think that a book written less than 2000 years ago can really have insight into a species that lived 200 million years ago. Science is full of theory, it is true, but based on mathematics and observation. Faith is a wonderful thing, but see things with what we know to be true today. everything you read isnt true, just browse the internet for proof of that!

    • JimmaDaRustla on

      Second attempt at replying.

      Your scripture is more “supposition and conjecture” than evolution theory. You’re statement vouches ignorance with pure certainty while discrediting factual information – irony in its’ purest form.

      If you can agree to disagree, you’ll be respected. Contesting one argument over the other makes you a fool and a hypocrit, however.


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