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Ebola “Secret Serum” ZMapp Used On 2 Americans

Two Americans previously infected with the Ebola virus have taken in a secret serum known as ZMApp and their health have ultimately improved. Could ZMapp be the solution to the Ebola outbreak in West Africa? Little is known, as ZMapp itself is shrouded in mystery.

secret serum ZMapp
The West Africa Ebola epidemic has been intensifying for a while now that hope looks bleak. Maybe, though, a secret serum, known as ZMapp, could bring in renewed hopes. Two aid workers from America have had their states improved after having consumed a “secret serum”. The two men are Dr Kent Brantly, and Nancy Writebol, previously working in Liberia. Now, what is this secret serum? Is it some kind of cure to Ebola? How does it work? What is it made up of? Questions on the lips of everyone hearing of the story – questions that have so far remained unanswered.

The biopharmaceutical firm responsible for its manufacture, the National Institutes of Health and Mapp, did not reveal all the secret ingredients as yet. What we do know, though, is that it is a three-mouse monoclonal antibody: antibodies made by the immune systems of mice when the latter were exposed to the Ebola virus were used to create the drug. The latter functions by protecting cells from the entry of the virus.

ZMapp is basically made from a set of antibodies with the capability of fighting the deadly virus. It is not yet a confirmed cure to Ebola. The experimental treatments were administered, as an emergency case, to the two Americans who were infected. ZMapp is not a medicine that has already made it to the market.

What is also known is that the serum was previously tested on monkeys, and it was shown that the infected monkey cobayes survived after taking in the serum.

And, that is all we know about ZMapp. Is it the answer to the Ebola outbreak? Little is known at this stage.


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