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Experimental Vaccine For Chikungunya Developed By Americans

An experimental vaccine for the infectious disease chikungunya has been developed by American scientists. It has generated promising results during clinical trials: most of the 25 volunteers who were administrated with the vaccine have shown immunity against the virus. It is being hailed as the new hope for countries plagued by the disease, like African countries. However, the disease is not restricted to Africa only. During the last few weeks, the population of the Caribbean Islands have been affected by the epidemic, killing several people.


Some years ago, the mosquito-borne disease chigungunya was wreaking havoc in Mauritius. The disease had spread like wildfire in the country and hence the authorities had tightened the preventive measures, specially so because of the lack of an effective vaccine against the pathogen. However, recently, a new research work has brought forth a vaccine that could potentially do away with the pathogen: American scientists have engineered a vaccine against the virus causing chikungunya. The study has been published in the British journal The Lancet on the 15th of August.

The vaccine has already gone through the stage of clinical trials. It was tested on 25 volunteers. The results of the experiment have proved to be quite promising: most of the volunteers developed immunity against the virus at the first injection itself.

Africa and Asia are the continents having been the most affected by the disease. Recently, the Caribbean Islands have been touched by the epidemic. Several people have been killed already, with thousands of people infected. Maybe, the new vaccine will be a source of relief for the populations affected?


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