And Now: Facebook Scammers From Comoros Fooling Mauritians

The trend of Facebook scammers is intensifying. From Nigeria, now to the Comoros. People from the Comoros Islands are conning Mauritian women via Facebook. They fool the latter into giving out their bank account numbers.



We don’t know which is worse: that people are dishonest and unscrupulous enough to fool others on Facebook, or that Mauritians are gullible enough to be fooled on Facebook.

This time, by Comorians. Recently, a scammer from Nigeria going by the name of Doctor Zogo was catching Mauritian preys on Facebook. He presented himself as a miraculous doctor who could cure infertility through a magical soap. Those drowning in despair, terribly wanting to know motherhood, were easily deceived by the Doctor Zogo. Lately, we have been hearing a lot of such cases where criminals trick people to get money out of them through Facebook. Even complaints against a Mauritian scammer were reported to the police. Now, people from the Comoros are using similar tactics to make money.

Facebook is a wonderful tool, provided you use it right. Provided you’re not naive to the point of having people make money out of your gullibility. Those from the Comoros Islands have developed a new way of stealing money. They add their victims on Facebook. Then, they sweet-talk them into giving out their bank account number, with the excuse that they will send a parcel for them. At least three women have succumbed to their requests. Now, having realised the truth, they are informing others of the criminals through Facebook itself. One of them even reported the case to the police.

One of the bad boys took the name of Abdoulahalim Mohamed on his Facebook profile – a name which is quite common in the Comoros. So, many profiles on the social online network are thus named. It is likely that the profile is a fake one.

Should Mauritians be formally educated about the dangers lurking on social online networks now? Should Facebook be accompanied by some kind of manual explaining to people not to talk to strangers, to ultimately give out bank account numbers? I thought these were part of general knowledge learnt at home. Well, not everyone is careful as to his dealings with those in his surroundings.


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  1. Abderemane on

    Your allegations are unfounded. I am absolutely sure you know nothing about Comoros. A quick check will drive you to change your mind about this ridiculous allegation of Comoran hackers on Facebook with only the name like as a proof. Do your know that you can not do any bank transactions from/to Comoros easily as you are suggesting in your paper ? Your position as journalist in noble so please keep it as it should.


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