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Project Wing: Google To Create Airborne Drones To Deliver Goods

The Internet company, Google, is currently refining a new invention – airborne drones to carry different types of goods faster than conventional ways of transport. 

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Google Inc is at another invention, yet again. The Internet company is reaching its tentacles out to new markets such as commerce and package delivery. It is now making airborne drones which will be used to transport objects from one place to another: the drones will fly to their places of delivery, carrying from grocery to medicine – a plan known as Project Wing.

Currently, it is focusing on mounting the sophisticated delivery system whereby several vehicles will fly on a daily basis, carrying parcels to their respective destinations. The vehicle in question was first designed to be a 1.5 meter wide device pre-programmed to fly to particular stops.

The Google drone might even sound a remote-controlled futuristic toy. However, Google said that the drones are pretty much like the Google self-driven car, rather than being like the remote-controlled airplane devices people buy for entertainment and recreational purposes. The former – the automatic Google cars – have sensors and radars incorporated into their systems allowing them to steer their way across city streets.

The new invention has been shown to include rotors for taking-off and landing. Flying its way through the skies is made possible by a fixed wing which will be similar to plane-like flying. As part of testing the device, it was made to fly around 40 meters above the treeline. A video uploaded on its website depicted the Google drone delivering a package of chocolates to a farmer in Queensland, Australia.

Google is promoting the vehicle as an inexpensive, faster and efficient means of carrying goods.


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