Day: September 7, 2014

Ebola Virus – Possibility of Sexual Transmission Exists

Theoretically speaking, since the Ebola virus can be transmitted through body fluids including semen, the possibility that sexual intercourse might be accounting for the infections is not ruled out completely. However unlikely it might be, the Centers For Disease Prevention and Control (CDC) is frightening the people to make use of condoms. What has been

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WHO Report Restricting Use of E-Cigarettes Fuels Debates Among Experts

The WHO released a much-awaited report on the use of e-cigarettes. It includes a number of restrictions which have displeased many, including experts who support the use of e-cigarettes. Banning the indoor use of e-cigarettes The World Health Organisation have formulated recommendations for the use of e-cigarettes in a recent report. The latter dealt with regulatory measures like

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