20 Litres of Methadone Worth Rs 5 million Stolen From Ministry of Health

Around 20 liters of methadone have been robbed from the Central Supply Division of the Ministry of Health at Plaine-Lauzun on Friday night, 29th of August, at around 23:00. Four men are said to be behind the crime: they entered the building armed, with their faces masked, and, got away with a large quantity of methadone amounting to around Rs 5 million. An investigation is now ongoing to identify the malefactors.

liquid methadone

The four armed men attacked the two guards who had been posted to watch over that part of the building where the medicine — methadone — was stocked at the Central Supply Division at Plaine-Lauzun. One of the guards got injured as he tried to stop the men from stealing the bulk of the medicine. Thereafter, the criminals tied both of them before reaching out for the containers of methadone and some other medicine containers. Ultimately, the security guards were able to untie themselves and informed the police of the incident. The wounded man was then transported to the hospital. Both of them were interrogated by investigators of the CID before being allowed to return to their respective homes.

The investigators are now waiting for a report to be issued from the ministry to have a complete list of what has been stolen.

More about methadone

Methadone is used as a potent analgesic to relieve patients of extreme pain. It is, in fact, analogous to drugs like morphine and heroin; it is a synthetic opioid and has many of the effects yielded by the two drugs.


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