Day: September 24, 2014

Study Indicates: A New Species of Humans on Earth by 2050

An anthropologist has put forth a theory binding culture and the concept of evolution. Cadell Last, an evolutionary anthropologist, wrote a paper entitled “Human Evolution, Life History Theory, and the End of Biological Reproduction”, explaining how a new species of humans might walk the Earth in around 30 years, by 2050. The evolution he focuses

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India’s First Satellite Mangalyaan Reaches Planet Mars

India’s very first interplanetary space exploration mission has proved to be successful as the orbiter it launched last year finally positioned itself near planet Mars. Mars Orbiter Mission (MOM) Launched in November 2013 The ambitious endeavour of conquering space has lured yet another country: India. It has now carved itself a place near Mars amidst

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ElectRx: Healing Device Turns You Into Wolverine!

Humanity has always wanted to outdo himself – to go beyond his potential. History’s fantasy stories bear testimony to this yearning of man. We want superpowers, as simple as that. Well, the Pentagon has put forth a pretty ambitious program: allowing ordinary people to heal themselves via a tiny device. Sounds a bit like Wolverine,

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