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Russia: 5 Million Google Accounts and Passwords Leaked

Russian Google users have met with an extremely unpleasant surprise yesterday, 09.09.14. The database in which their usernames and passwords of their Google accounts were stored was leaked and shared on social online media. More than half of the accounts are said to be active ones. Soon enough though, the admin of the forum where the data was displayed removed the passwords.

Google accounts leaked info

Around 5 million Google accounts, mostly of Russia-based users, have been compromised as their logins and passwords which were stored in a database were leaked and published online on a social network: the text file was displayed on the Bitcoin Security board yesterday, 9th of September. After the cyber incident, the administration managing the forum removed the passwords, while the usernames remained there. It is to be noted that the majority of the accounts (around 60 % of them) have been active ones.

Google Russia is currently looking into the matter, having advised its users to choose strong password combinations so that they do not easily fall into the wrong hands. Several users have even confirmed finding their personal data displayed.

Some days before the confidential information of the Google accounts were leaked, other Russian Internet services met with the same fate, like Mail.ru and Yandex, with 4.66 and 1.26 accounts respectively that were involved. The two firms reassured the public that most of the accounts whose information had been leaked were no longer in use, or that some of them had been blocked because of suspicious activities that were detected. They also claimed that the data was not accessed to because of flaws in their database security, but rather, was gleaned through phishing over a long period of time.


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