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Unbelievable: Ancient ‘Computer’ of 2000 Years Old Found in Shipwreck

Scientists will soon embark on an extraordinary expedition 150 meters deep into the ocean to explore a shipwreck that is said to contain the most ancient “computer”. The device in question is clock-like and was perhaps used to make calculations relative to stars and planets. The researchers will be equipped with a sophisticated $1.3 million exosuit that will allow them to stay underwater at such depths for hours.

ancient computer

What is the age of the oldest computer? Surely, your answer would not exceed one thousand years old, right? Well, be ready to get surprised then! A computer-like machine was found in a shipwreck that dates back around 2 000 years ago. The device was found in a Roman shipwreck situated near Antikhythera, a Greek island. The ancient wreckage – carbon dating showed that the ship dates back to 60 B.C. – was spotted over a century ago in the Aegean Sea. What is behind the machine, and how did it work? To answer these questions, a team of archaeologists have set out to explore the device, naming their project “Big Fat Greek Expedition”.

The device looks much like a clock. It was supposed to have been used by ancient Greeks to make calculations of the stars and planets. The mechanism behind is shrouded in mystery. At least 30 bronze gears made up the “ancient computer”, framed in a wooden structure. The purpose of the machine has not yet been deciphered. Anyway, why was it being carried on a ship? Some have theorised that the ship was transporting an eminent female personality who was to get married in Rome. Perhaps, the computer-watch was a wedding gift? Scientists have had enough of the mystery. They are now willing to take the jump of diving into the water and finding out first-hand.

The expedition will be made possible thanks to a sophisticated diving suit, costing $ 1.3 million, that will allow them to go for a deep-sea exploration: with the exosuit, the scientists will be able to dive till 150 meters and stay down there exploring the ship for many hours.

The researchers are also keen to find many more antiques in the ocean. Prior to this breakthrough, they were able to reach only 60 meters down. Now, with the sophisticated exosuit, they might go deeper and find more artefacts.


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