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China’s First Space Station To Be Launched By 2022

From China to space – as goes the lofty aspiration of the country that has been made public. In the past, China has alluded to the imminent launching of its first space station. Now, it has specified the time period in which this is scheduled to occur. The coming years will entail the launching of experimental space modules to finally set up the space station in 2022.

space station

China once wanted to establish itself as one of the world economic powers. It has now proclaimed its intention to move to higher grounds altogether with yet another ambitious project: space exploration. It is expected to have its own space station in less than ten years’ time, by 2022 – the first for the country.

It already has launched an experimental module which is now in orbit. The President Xi Jinping wishes to propel China into the ranks of the space powers of the world. Prior to this huge step forward, a number of attempts were made in the past as preparation for the grand stage: last year, 3 astronauts spent 2 weeks in orbit to later dock at an experimental space laboratory named Tiangong I. The country’s first astronaut, Yang Liwei, commented on this saying that a Tiangong 2 would most probably emerge in 2016. Thereafter, the space station’s core would be launched by 2022, after an experimental module to be sent out in 2018.

This will be marking a new era in the history of China. However, it still lags behind the space superpowers like the US and Russia. China yet has to gain expertise in a number of space-related domains.


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