Facebook Group “Célibataire Miner 12 a 17 ans” Solicits Attention of Mauritian Users

A Facebook page bearing the name  “Célibataire miner 12 a 17 ans” has been spotted by some Mauritian users. It seems that young teenagers are there to find friends, and more – so much more. The sexual innuendos found on the page are worrying as to the safety of those baby-teenagers.

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The new generation has been demonstrating particular traits on an unprecedented scale. Mostly everyone complains of how different and difficult has the youth of nowadays grown to be. One of the hassles is how they are increasingly demanding for their sexual emancipation earlier and earlier, often going out of bounds. Some years ago, children would play with real toys, while their main concerns would be to find friends to play outside and return home to watch their favourite cartoons. Nowadays, it is the world upside down. All the kids want to do is to be gifted with a mobile phone, tablet, or even laptop, to create a Facebook account and connect with people. Even the reasons to ‘befriend’ individuals have changed: they now increasingly wish to find a romantic partner, and more…

Some Mauritians have stumbled across a Facebook page. To their horror.

Let the name of the page speak for itself: “Célibataire miner 12 a 17 ans”. The group has over 2 900 members. The latter include (as the name says) minors. Girls and boys alike have post discussions of how they wish to find someone “to go out with”, sometimes including pictures of themselves, and, at others, with sexual innuendos. Some even write downright explicit sexual phrases. They also include a small description of themselves: their age, name, and other details.

This group might have been made for fun, but the ramifications from there on cannot be ignored. The teenagers who have just gone past childhood do not even know how life works, and how they are exposing themselves to danger. This group could very well include people who are unscrupulously looking for young, innocent victims. What to make of the sexual innuendos? These young people are easy prey to those who wish to exploit them – can we deny the risk of this type of situation?

Our children can be inside the cozy boundaries of their own homes, but yet, they are not safe, as they surf on the Internet throwing themselves as baits to sharks out there. Reason enough to monitor the Internet activities of the kids, right?


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