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Greatest Coffee Drinkers Are: Journalists, Police Officers & Teachers

Coffee is the favourite drink of thousands of people spanning over all continents. But, who drinks coffee the most? According to a new study that surveyed over 10 000 people, journalists, police officers and teachers tend to consume coffee much more than others of other professions. Do stressful work conditions cause the people to indulge more into coffee drinking?

coffee overindulgence

Throughout the world, coffee is one of the most favourite beverages consumed everyday. From Arabia to across the globe, it has made the journey winning over the hearts of so many. Nowadays, thousands of people cannot go without their daily coffee intake. As much as being an extremely enjoyable drink with the alluring taste and smell, it is also an addictive stimulant: the more you drink, the more you want of it. People of all wakes of life incline to coffee drinking, but, a new study has revealed that people from certain workforces might be drinking more than others. The research has shown a link between the amount of coffee one drinks and the type of job one is into.

A UK-based company, Pressat, carried out a survey with over 10 000 participants to document the amount of coffee they consume on a daily basis. Topping the list were journalists. It was observed that journalists had the propensity to consume more coffee than the rest. They were then followed by police officers and teachers. Other professions whereby the employees would consume large amounts of coffee include nurses and others from the medical staff, company executives, and, telesales.

Journalists, police officers and teachers all have stressful careers, each in its own respect. The researchers hinted that perhaps, such work conditions have led the people to increase in their caffeine intake?

85 % of the participants had three or more cups of coffee on a daily basis, with 70 % of those who drink daily saying that they actually need to have the drink to be able to do their work – drinking coffee has become a necessity for some.

Other researchers in the past have recommended not more than 4 cups of coffee daily (equivalent of 400 mg of caffeine). Coffee has a number of health benefits if consumed in moderation, and just like any other good thing, it can have undesirable effects if one indulges into it way too much. As such, overconsumption of coffee comes with certain health hazards. In the new study in question, it was surprisingly discovered that 62 % of the participants were not aware of the negative health effects of coffee overindulgence. The health hazards associated with drinking more than required entails the stimulant nature of coffee. Too much of it might contribute to increasing one’s blood pressure. To prevent any of the unpleasant effects, one should stick to only a few cups per day, and not going past the 4-cup dose. If a balance is struck, the coffee will actually have beneficial effects on the health of the person.


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