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Huawei Competes With Apple: New Smartphone With Sapphire Glass Display & Fingerprint Sensor

One of the world’s leading smartphone manufacturers, Huawei Technologies Co Ltd, has presented to the public its most recent devices today, 5th of September. The Chinese company is boasting of its expertise in bringing sophisticated gadgets to its customers. The new Ascend P7 phone it has showcased has been embedded with a sapphire glass display. Yet another tool includes a fingerprint sensor at the back of the new smartphone.


Huawei Technologies Co Ltd, a Chinese ICT company, which has earned the ranking world’s number 3 smartphone manufacturer with Samsung Electronics Ltd and Apple in the lead, has revealed its new line of devices on Friday 5th of September. It has unveiled a limited edition of the Ascend P7 phone which includes an expensive sapphire screen display. Huawei is now showing off the sapphire glass as the product of elaborate skills aimed at putting the very best at the disposal of its clients.

Huawei has also included a new option in its Ascend P7 phone7 phablet which now comes with a fingerprint reader at the back – the first Android smartphone to bear this type of sensor.

Earlier this year, it was Apple which proclaimed that it would eventually have a mass production of devices with sapphire. Apple Inc itself is to put on display the iPhone 6 on the 9th of September.


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