Internet Slowdown Day 2014: How Slow Was Your Internet Today?

You might have noticed already how the Internet speed is really slow today? Unless you already have really slow Internet. A number of companies have joined forces to simulate how the Internet would be if it were to be slowed down. No, they are not doing it for fun – rather, they are protesting in their own personalised way against a US law which might be passed which would lead to such an outcome: slow Internet, unless you pay for faster speeds.

slow Internet loading speed

The slow-down process that might have made you gone bonkers today, 10th of September, is, in fact, the result of a well-planned initiative at the head of which are 68 Internet firms and organisations having taken to this as a method of showing their protest to a US legislation which stipulates that Internet speed is to be classified into a fast and a slow rate, or if the concept of Internet neutrality be preserved. In case the legislation is passed, companies like Google, YouTube, Netflix, Twitter, and, so on will have to pay to have access to high-speed Internet to cater for the needs of their users. As such, 10th of September 2014 has been called Internet Slowdown day by Battle for the Net

The aim of the project is to show to the world what would happen if Internet neutrality – which dictates that access to content over networks is fluid and not restricted – is swapped with the fast-or-slow Internet speed.

The modus operandi Battle for the Net took to entails placing symbols like the loading icons on their site to simulate slowing down of the Internet; they are, by way of this, demonstrating to people what would happen if Internet speed were to be divided into the two categories. This might lead members of the public to sign a petition so that the legislation is not passed.


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