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Last Supermoon Event of 2014: Monday 8th of September

Sky watchers, get to your cameras to capture the bold beauty of the moon yet again! Our planet’s satellite will once again orbit extremely near to the Earth, such that it will appear larger and brighter. The supermoon is to rise on Monday, 8th of September.

last supermoon

This year has been full of supermoons; a supermoon is a term used to describe the moon at its closest to our planet as it moves around its orbit, and hence, it appears bigger and brighter than normal. Planet Earth has been graced with such magnificent sights twice already this year: on the 23rd of June and on the 10th of August, which was the largest of all the 2014 supermoons.

The moon will appear bigger once again today night, 8th of September. This month’s supermoon is to be the last one for this year. The moon will be approximately 14 % nearer to our planet than it usually is, and around 30 % brighter relative to its brightness when it is at the furthest from Earth.

In case you miss it, you will have to wait for the next one which will be sighted in September 2015. Six supermoons are expected for next year – it only gets better and better.


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