Month: September 2014

Last Supermoon Event of 2014: Monday 8th of September

Sky watchers, get to your cameras to capture the bold beauty of the moon yet again! Our planet’s satellite will once again orbit extremely near to the Earth, such that it will appear larger and brighter. The supermoon is to rise on Monday, 8th of September. This year has been full of supermoons; a supermoon

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Ebola Virus – Possibility of Sexual Transmission Exists

Theoretically speaking, since the Ebola virus can be transmitted through body fluids including semen, the possibility that sexual intercourse might be accounting for the infections is not ruled out completely. However unlikely it might be, the Centers For Disease Prevention and Control (CDC) is frightening the people to make use of condoms. What has been

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WHO Report Restricting Use of E-Cigarettes Fuels Debates Among Experts

The WHO released a much-awaited report on the use of e-cigarettes. It includes a number of restrictions which have displeased many, including experts who support the use of e-cigarettes. Banning the indoor use of e-cigarettes The World Health Organisation have formulated recommendations for the use of e-cigarettes in a recent report. The latter dealt with regulatory measures like

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Huawei Competes With Apple: New Smartphone With Sapphire Glass Display & Fingerprint Sensor

One of the world’s leading smartphone manufacturers, Huawei Technologies Co Ltd, has presented to the public its most recent devices today, 5th of September. The Chinese company is boasting of its expertise in bringing sophisticated gadgets to its customers. The new Ascend P7 phone it has showcased has been embedded with a sapphire glass display.

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Watch Out: Supersonic Submarines To Travel Across The Pacific In 2 Hours

The ambition of making the journey from Shanghai to San Francisco in submarines in less than two hours has been proclaimed by the Harbin Institute of Technology. Sophisticated technological methods would be needed to allow for submarines to be propelled at high speeds. Submarines tend to feature in marvel movies, or the likes thereof; and at

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Creepy Fact: Mites Creep All Over Your Skin

Previous studies suggested that few people would have mites crawling on their skin. However, a new research brought forth amazing results, with all of the participants having traces of mite DNA on their skin. Mites of the species Demodex are those whose DNA was spotted. It is a common fact that we coexist with microorganisms

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