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Watch Out: Quantum Teleportation Over 25 Kilometer Successfully Done

A team of scientists from the University of Geneva have achieved what was so far unattainable. They have carried out experiments to confirm that a photon’s quantum state can be maintained as it is transported in a crystal with no direct contact whatsoever in between the two. The crystal saves information about the photon while the latter is teleported over a distance.

quantum physics

A photon’s quantum stated was teleported to a crystal covering a distance of 25 kilometers (of optical fiber). The same group of scientists did a similar experiment a decade ago, where the distance covered was 6 kilometers only.

From light to matter, the photon was teleported to a crystal, demonstrating that the state of a particle is what is important, as opposed to its composition; the state being able to exist and sustain its existence outside the extreme differences.

One photon was made to travel along an optical fiber, while another is sent to a crystal. Thereafter, a third photon hits the first, destroying both of them. This impact is measured by the scientists – it is seen then that the information contained in the third photon has not been destroyed as well; rather, it has persisted. The information stored in the third photon travels to the crystal which has the second photon. The lead author has broken down the observations by commenting “that the quantum state of the two elements of light, these two entangled photons which are like two Siamese twins, is a channel that empowers the teleportation from light into matter“.

That was how the scientists have broken their own record by pushing it further, such that they went for a distance more than three times the one used in their first experiment.



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