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Scientists Activate Specific Gene That Prolong Life

Researchers have recently spotted a gene that could be activated to prolong life both in terms of quantity and quality. They have demonstrated the effects of the gene activation in fruit flies which have homologues of 75 % of human genes causing diseases.


With age, everything changes: we are moulded and remoulded over time, our minds and bodies going through the cycle of transformation all the while. Age comes with consequences – a reminder that everything in this world is ephemeral. The abilities that grow inside of us eventually fade; the normal processes occuring in our bodies give way to malfunctions, or, they just proceed to a dead end. This is why ageing is associated with the inability of the body to fight diseases. Just like the trees lose their leaves at a given point, our bodies follow its own senescence. Could it be that this is averted, or, at least, delayed? Researchers of a new study claim that they discovered a gene that could be triggered to avoid the gradual deterioration of bodily functions by prolonging life. The paper was published in the journal Cell Reports.

The researchers found that fruit flies having a certain gene activated had increased lifespans by around 6 to 8 weeks. The increase, though, was not quantitative only. The scientists observed that the quality of life itself was enhanced. Those fruit flies with the activated gene lived longer, and were simultaneously healthier. If these effects were to be superimposed on humans, miracles could happen. The researchers, who wish to promote the comfortable disease-free ageing in people, are positive that if the problem of ageing is thus tackled, diseases like Parkinson’s disease and Alzheimer’s which are associated with old age would automatically be delayed during one’s life.

The method behind the prolonged life, both in quantity and quality, entails the removal of cell wastes whose accumulation yields negative effects on the body. A certain enzyme, AMP-activated protein kinase, the AMPK, is responsible for stimulating this process of autophagy whereby the clutter is cleared out. The researchers demonstrated that as AMPK gene is activated in the nervous system, the process of autophagy was boosted in the gut of the fruit flies. When AMPK was activated in the intestines, autophagy increased in the brain.

The researchers deem the experiment on fruit flies to be promising since the insects have homologues of 75 % of the genes that are responsible for a number of diseases in humans.

The next phase would now be to carry out experiments on animals with similar physiological responses to humans.



  1. Alain Bastien on

    The Prime Minister made a declaration : Our meteorology engineers are capable of making weather forecast with a precision that god himself can’t !!!

    A few days later 30 minutes of rain , flooded Port Louis killing 11 people and several unprecedent damages never been seen before !!

    The 3rd commendment is clear: You shall not pronounce the name of GOD in VAIN !!!

    Read out those who did what happened to them.

  2. REVDI on

    Once again, Religious BS over takes a perfectly intelligent human brain, led by fear. Get a life, live in this century. Try evolving for a change.

  3. Sean Murray on

    God…God….God…. Maybe God has left this up to us? Maybe if God didn’t want this discovery it wouldn’t have happened? Maybe God wanted this discovery to occur? You don’t know….so shut up… and never speak on the behalf of God again. If God wants something known God will say it. God doesn’t need your input, on anything, ever. You are not the voice of God. No religion is the voice of God.

    • Alain Bastien on

      Just look out there how many drugs pills medicines known to be revolutionary …but been removed from the market because undetected dangerous side effets ..while these same scientist and chemist have cash a lot of money out of them !!

      Including Cocain, heroin amoung others.

  4. Aletheya on

    This is misguided. Unless people worldwide are simultaneously willing to have less than 2 children per couple on average, significantly extending lifespan ensures that overpopulation becomes that much worse, over-exploitation of resources accelerates, and the biosphere, which is already pushed to the limit, collapses. Humans need to stop being so pigheadedly selfish.

  5. Frank T. Dennard on

    I completely and uterly give my express permission for scientists to use me as a test subject. Contact me anytime day or night. This would be awesome.

  6. Victor on

    @Alain. I hope a moderator doesn’t catch this long enough before you see it. I rarely post on comment boards but you pissed me off.

    You have got to be kidding me. Look around at the science and medicine which already helps preserve and improve the life of yourself and those you love. Talk to someone who has family with any mental aging disorders and then open your mouth, because I bet this is the sort of news which gives them hope one day someone wont have to go through what they did with losing there loved one mind and body slowly and without mercy. If you believe GOD is the only thing that does anything good in the world or can change your life then great. Your ignorantly missing the kind heartfelt efforts of people in your everyday life. You know who does good work, good people, and GOD has nothing to do with that, make your own choices think about the consequences and consider something called emotional intelligence. The hard working scientists who studied for years, and likely are greatly underpaid based on the service they are trying to provide to the world, improvement. Its not an easy job, because normally nothing wants to work.

    …But don’t come post stupid ignorant bs like this. This is scientific research, pending rigorous proof and control for repeat-ability, its fact that these flies led longer fuller lives. By your logic GOD made them too, and those scientist help preserve that beauty.

    AMPK enhancement may only be a long shot, and may not work in human trials. Most promising treatments don’t. That’s a fact. Did this article suggest AMPK was the cure for the worlds problems, NO, it laid out the potential of some very interesting research which saw great results worth talking about at the dinner table tonight. But without modern medicine and the people who founded it and push it forward we would still be letting blood and many other more grewsome treatments. Or sitting around praying that people just magically get better. Unfortanutely there is a significant amount of evidence to support positive mindset that you will get better, family and friend support, and placebo effect thinking that god is going to come down and cure you in your sleep. Never mind you body and the fight its waging on a cellular level.

    …But seriously. ST$U, I despise people like you who post on comment walls with this bible pushing nonsense. And I am relatively religious.

    • Alain Bastien on

      Look inside your Computer at the MotherBoard quite complex isn’t it. There must be someone who knows what each component does what its function. It is still being updated every day !!! May be you can Identify and knows for a few of them.

      Last July my 28 year old daughter was victim of a Stroke , doctors called it anevrism. She was in a Coma . What cause it ? how can it be resolved, cured NO ANSWER we need to wait for what ? .My brother and I prayed near her while she was still in COMA and ask GOD a favor This is written in the my Bible at
      Matthew 18:19 Again, truly I tell you that if two of you on earth agree about anything they ask for, it will be done for them by my Father in heaven.

      The Next day she was released from the ICU and was able to sustain all by herself.

      According to scientist the DNA is composed of 3.5 millions components !!! they have been able to identify the role of only 22,000 of them.

      The DNA as the Finger prints and BLOOD are unique to each Human

      Who made that ? Certainly not a Monkey headed god !!!

  7. Rich on

    Ever notice the word “Could” in the article. The banner says “Activate The Gene”. They leave themselves a way out when they discover they are full of it!

  8. Korax Corvus on

    Eventually we will figure out how to keepDNA from unravelling at the ends upon copying itself over many times until then only blood transfussions from young people ,research into stem cells is needed maybe bone marrow transplants from kids!

  9. Alain Bastien on

    Only GOD raised from the dead Lazarius four day after his death.

    And raised Jesus his son three days after his death.

    Dead cells that the body cannot revive naturally because of our imperfections and SINS cannot be maintained to live longer

    All Your comments are theorems.

    Hopeless HOPES

      • Alain Bastien on

        I am a computer programmer I know what’s Logic. The Power and limit of the PC and System I am using. All is written by those who conceived them.

        So are you a Psychiatrist or Psychanalyst or Psychotherapist, to draw such conclusion on me ?

        Furthermore I never post anything anonymously.. Those who does clearly show a sign of Psychopathy ..read the definition.

    • Friederich Wilhelm on

      When Ignorance raises his voice to claim knowledge, the scientists smile and remain silent. Not worth to debate.
      All your comments are beliefs, not evidence.
      God has died and we have killed him!
      Rest in peace

    • Bob shmo on

      Isn’t that ironic.

      All your comments are beliefs. Just like your god, there is only belief. The ability to maintain a line of thought despite a world full of evidence that proves otherwise. The proof which is undeniable sits infront of you and yet you deny its truth. The first man to make a bible did it for control. Corporations now print them for profit and control. Be heppy with what you have, don’t question our control over you. This is the order of this world and you will be happy with it, oh by the way what little you have left give it to us through donations and tithing. All things of pure evil in this world have arisen from faith. For instance you may hate the Jews, as they killed Jesus, or for not converting. But the truth is as is stated 100 times over in the bible that you will only go to heaven if you are of Jewish bloodline. 90% of all Christians are surely to be discounted outright.

      Just as your thoughts of a god who raises the dead. Is your life so poorely lived that you wish for an extension. Life is not lived through the intent of living in the future, but to live is to live life today. Oh god please give me an eturnity that I may do nothing with it. You can place your faith in a book, but tell me this, if the bible did not exist would you know god? In years to come Harry Potter will be just as believable for the works of fiction it too holds. Is that why you worry about your child reading it?

      The bible is merely a document to learn from past mistakes and to differnciate what one may feel morally right or wrong. But trust me even that is open to interpretation. Do you pray to the pope, a saint, Jesus or god directly. For which ever you may pray you shall offend another sect of Christianity and banished to their depths of hell. So think carefully before you commit to what others of the Christian faith will decry as devil worship. Can you truly have the only true faith, the one that leads you to the only real god and the rest are evil sinners, I thought you weren’t supposed to judge. Would your god bring people into this world to train them in the path of sin so that he may pass them to the devil. If so I think your god is evil.

      • Alain Bastien on

        GOD gave us intelligence, memory and conscience among other faculty … and above all the FREE WILL.

        Even a father doen’t fully control the doings of his children !!!

    • troy murray on

      who do you think created those scientists gave them the ability to think and reason. The same God who deemed it fit to make you small minded. You can quote the bible all you want God does not dwell there, he is in our hearts and minds, in your case a very small portion but still there. God in his infinite wisdom and grace causes all things to be All THINGS. Your comment on sin is silly Christ died for my sins I am clean evermore. Your sin is to presume to know the mind of God by reading the words of man.

    • Al Simmons on

      God is not real and you need to move on from this idea that nothing should happen unless God wanted us too and if that happened we would not have airplanes because if God wanted man to fly he would have put wings on us. Grow up and open your mind

      • Alain Bastien on

        GOD wanted man to fly !!!

        In the Bible @ Leviticus 20:13 ‘If a man has sexual relations with a man as one does with a woman, both of them have done what is detestable. They are to be put to death;

        Yet several countries have promulgated the GAY marriage which is against GOD’s wishes

        • David Kinder on

          I always love how the religious are so non “Christ-like”. They are always stuck and mired in a paradigm from centuries ago that expresses hate, prejudice, and condemnation of anything that is not within their little bubbles. Then, they back it up with some little quid from the Bible that is SO OFTEN taken out of context and is slighted with a different meaning, which they barely understand and haven’t really studied the Bible to truly understand the meaning of a passage. See this so often with the Religious. They have Logs in their eyes but look at the Speck in others.

          • AlainBastien on

            If you wish to conclude what the scientist are proposing is a Commercial product just to fool people and get money out of it.

            Just eat healthy without pesticides and chemicals no cigarettes and alcohol nor fastfoods or inhaling car exhaust would be better and could make you live a few years more not a few weeks more as promise by the scientist

          • David Kinder on

            @AlainBastien : [I’m not trying to throw you under the bus, because I grew up religious and really have spent many an hour in contemplative prayer on my knees when younger.] But, I have watched my parents age gracefully and already live to 93y Dad (died sometime back) and my Mom at 84y. However, aging is not a nice process to the human body. And, if you think God created it, seems like he sure doesn’t care about his Creations. Yet, here we are now, on the cusp of possibility making life longer, creating the scientific fields that can slow aging. So, I think this is not a religious debate but a scientific issue related to improving life for many people who have age-like diseases (Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s, etc). I only wish my fellow scientists well and hope that they make progress quickly on this issue.

          • AlainBastien on

            @David Kinder

            1) Aging and death are natural process and the result of SIN by disobediance the sin of Adam and Eve.
            2) Jesus’ death is the recuperation from this SIN but will still need to deserve Eternal life by Obeying the 10 Commandements without exception or excuse.

            One of our famous and rich innovators IT engineer namely late STEEVE JOB himself died of a pancreatic cancer despite his wealth and intelligence. Don’t you think that he would have like to see the iPhone 9x in year 2020 !! Of course YES.

            No Scientist can control life. Instead ..Samuel Colt created a device, the revolver, to kill more people in less time …Mr Winchester, Smith & Wesson .. Albert Einstein’s Atomic Bomb among others.

            Investment in human destruction action and devices seems to predominate and is more substantial than to preserve it !!

            Do you want figures ?

    • David Kinder on

      You’re an religious zealot and idiot, Alain Bastien. That is why so many people want to rid the world of religion. What you say is impossible, is the same thing that the religious said about earth not center of universe, heart transplants, moon landing, etc. Science is the only true religion, my Friend.

      • AlainBastien on

        There are 10000 (ten thousand) religions and sectes ..more than 6000 languages and dialects out there. Who are practicing the RIGHT religion ? Who speak the correct language ?

        Even in the cell of every society, that is, under the marital roof ..Husband and wife speaking the same language yet argue and disagree.

        So I agree that you disagree.

        I reiterate those who obey HIS commandments and fear HIM their lives will not be prolong. BUT WILL LIVE FOREVER.



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