Day: October 6, 2014

2014 Nobel Prize of Medicine: Scientists Behind Brain GPS Discovery

This year’s Nobel Prize of medicine (2014) has been awarded to a team of 3 scientists who have discovered the ‘brain’s GPS’. Their research work entails the internal positioning system of the brain that enables us to navigate through our environment. 2014 Nobel Prize for medicine goes to the scientists who located the ‘GPS’ embedded

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Space: Giant Solar Filaments Around The Sun Observed

Our sun, the ‘center of our world’, buzzes with activities all the time. Experts manage as best as they can to get a glimpse of the solar events and happenings: that was how they were successful at capturing images of solar filaments and flares, showing us once again the amazing beauty of our sun. The

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Origin of HIV Traced to Congo back from the 1920s

HIV, wrecking societies worldwide, is but a reflection of the modern lifestyle people have adhered to, though the question as to where does it originate from exactly has been tricky to answer. A new study has brought forth results suggesting that it was spread from Kinshasa, the city of the Democratic Republic of the Congo

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