Day: October 10, 2014

New Study on Cancer: Preventing Metastasis from being Initiated

A new study has perhaps unveiled a successful way to tackle malignant cancer. The researchers have worked on two proteins involved in the movement of cancerous cells to other body parts. They have demonstrated how by preventing interactions between the two said proteins, cancerous growths can be curtailed. Cancer exists in two broad types: benign

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NASA Project: Flying to Mars in Hibernation Compartments

NASA scientists might be drawing inspiration from sci-fi movies: they plan to create hibernation compartments so that astronauts can travel to Mars in an unconscious state, thereby saving energy and costs. They have suggested to use the therapeutic hypothermia method whereby the astronauts can remain in a sleeping state for some days. Sending astronauts into

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Send Your Name to Mars with NASA

With NASA’s new spacecraft Orion ready to be launched, your name can fly to the nearest sky and follow in the space missions.. You can now have your name flying to Mars, and even beyond, into the unknown space. NASA has a new project, whereby its Orion spacecraft will be fired into space for the

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