Day: October 14, 2014

NASA To Harvest Water From The Moon’s Surface

NASA has two projects in the making which will potentially be launched in the coming years 2017 and 2018. The purpose of the two missions will be to quantify the water concentrations on the moon: samples will be taken and measured in terms of the hydrogen content… Harvesting water on the moon There is almost

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Nearly 7 Million Dropbox Accounts Compromised – Dropbox Denies & Explains

An anonymous hacker claimed having compromised a bewildering amount of Dropbox accounts, releasing the usernames and passwords of 400 of them. However, Dropbox affirmed not having been hacked and that the details made public were¬†already expired. More online accounts have been ‘compromised’. This time, around 400 Dropbox users have had their usernames and passwords released

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Humans and Robots Working Together to Rescue Victims of Calamities

Futuristic science-oriented projects tend to include the service of robots to mankind: having autonomous robots controlled by humans to aid the latter in their tasks. A group of scientists wish to bring forth a human-robot cooperation program to help victims of natural calamities in the Alps. Having robots at the unconditional service of mankind has

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