Day: October 27, 2014

King Tutankhamun Had A Female-Like Silhouette & A Club Foot

King Tutankhamun might have not died of a chariot crash in the end. A new study has revealed features of the king that had remained obscure until now. They performed a “virtual autopsy” by analysing a life-sized image of King Tut, and found an anomaly in his foot that would have prevented him from riding

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Phaistos Disc: 4000 Year Old CD-ROM Decoded

A nearly 4000 year-old CD-ROM? Sounds kinda absurd? Well it’s not. The 1700-BC-dated Phaistos Disc has supposedly engraved on its two sides a prayer for the “mother goddess” of the Minoan times.  A scientist has finally deciphered the meaning of the markings coded onto a clay disk from around 1, 700 BC. The mysterious object discovered

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World’s First Documented “Virgin Birth” By A Snake

A female snake from a zoo in the US has proved that females can manage to produce offspring without needing males! Its own cells (polar bodies) have acted as male sperms and ‘fertilised’ its own eggs. This resulted in the hatching of six baby snakes. Longest snake has first virgin birth The world’s longest snake

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