Day: October 29, 2014

Scientists Create New Blood Vessels in 7 Days From Stem Cells

Scientists have succeeded in producing fully effective blood vessels that can be grafted onto human beings. From samples of blood, the scientists have made blood vessels that were later incorported into the vascular system of three children. The method has proved to be safe and effective such that millions around the globe suffering from vascular

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Ancient Virus In Caribou Faeces Revived After 700 Years

Reviving ancient viruses seems to be the new cool for scientists. Awakening frozen subarctic viruses has been the subject of a few studies this year; the extreme cold temperatures and environmental conditions of the polar and subpolar regions are conducive for the conservation of life at the microscopic level, to such an extent that decades later,

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NASA Rocket Crashes 6 Seconds After Launching

An unmanned rocket of the NASA exploded seconds after it was launched on the 28th of October. The incident occurred at the NASA’s Wallops Flight Facility in Virginia at 6:22 pm EDT. The rocket had a spacecraft on top of it that was carrying cargo for the crew members of the International Space Station. The

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