Day: October 30, 2014

Having Sex Late and Being Vegetarian Increase Lifespan in Reptiles

Being vegetarian and delaying mating for later in life might be contributing to the long life of some reptiles in the subclass lepidosauria. A study has revealed a queer way as to how reptiles have an extended life span: they go vegetarian and postpone mating for later in life. The cold-blooded animals displayed intricate links

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Merciless Things That Happen To Dead Bodies At Sea

Is the decomposition of bodies at sea any different from the earthly one? A team of scientists attempted to document the action of sea scavengers on dead corpses of pigs. The study provides insight into how scavengers work on terrestrial mammals, and it also has great forensic value as the results can be used in crime-solving.

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Google Scientists: Early Cancer Diagnosis With Nanoparticles

Google scientists are currently working on a technique of early diagnosis of diseases like cancer, whereby nanoparticles will be sent into the bloodstream through pills to adhere to cells and bloodstream substances to detect any sign of the onset of the diseases. The earlier a disease is diagnosed, the better can it be managed; many life-threatening

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