Day: October 31, 2014

Exposure to UV Light Prevent Obesity and Diabetes

A new study suggests that exposure to UV light radiated from the sun might help prevent obesity and diabetes. UV triggers the skin to release a compound called nitric oxide which regulates the metabolism of the body. Mice exposed to UV were observed to produce this substance and had reduced weight gains together with fewer

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Mind Reading Machine Successfully Built By Scientists

Scientists are currently constructing something like X-Men’s Professor Xavier’s reading-mind machine. Their motivation is to make life better for people who cannot speak by translating their brain activities involving their thoughts into words in the form of sounds. Reading people’s thoughts might be more something of science-fiction movies and books, but, some scientists want to

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Black Tea Linked With Reduced Ovarian Cancer Risk

Black tea might be a critical element in the prevention of ovarian cancer. The widely-consumed beverage contains flavonoids which are known for their action on cellular signalling pathways. A new study has shown a link between the high intake of the substances and reduced ovarian cancer risk. Ovarian cancer affects women worldwide. Fighting the disease

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Ancient City of Teotihuacan: 50000 Relics and Artifacts Found


48 Kilometers or 30 miles north east of Mexico city in the San Juan Teotihuacan municipality lives a noble and ancient city consuming a massive 83 square kilometer (32 square miles) plot of the great Mexico valley. This hulking city born of earth and stone, is silently telling its tales of glory and woe today.

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