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Humans and Robots Working Together to Rescue Victims of Calamities

Futuristic science-oriented projects tend to include the service of robots to mankind: having autonomous robots controlled by humans to aid the latter in their tasks. A group of scientists wish to bring forth a human-robot cooperation program to help victims of natural calamities in the Alps.

robot & human

Having robots at the unconditional service of mankind has perhaps been one of our long-cherished dreams. A team of scientists are considering shifting the monotonous use of robots from the conventional fields like factories to certain real-life situations pertaining to natural calamities in the Alps. They wish to include the support of robots in the plan of action of human rescue workers. The robots will work together with the human rescuers to boost the efforts to come to aid to people victims of calamities like avalanches.

Humans and robots working hand in hand

Science has undergone such headway that robots might now be put into use in such environments where natural calamities are likely to occur. The researchers are so ambitious with their project that they are considering to sign up the robots to take on some of the share of the works of the rescuers, with the goal to increasing the chance of saving the lives of the victims involved.

The researchers wish to save lives by making humans cooperate with robots. The latter are autonomous, with cognitive abilities, and it is thus thought that they might be of great help to humans.

Ground and flying robots

It is planned that two types of robots will be included in the project: the ground ones, and the flying ones.

The ground robots will be equipped with arms to assist them to take hold of the Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV), which is the flying robot, to place it on the charger for the ground robot. The arm will be made resistant to shocks and vibrations.

Human and robot cooperation

The human rescue workers will have sensors to ensure that they can operate the flying robot. The former will be able to respond to a certain situation even if they are not physically present on the site itself. The human and the robot can thus work in concert to find victims and synchronise their actions.


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