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Long-Term Tea Consumption Lowers Blood Pressure

How much of a tea-drinker are you? If you are concerned about the health of your heart, you might want to consistently include tea in your daily beverage consumption. A new study has shown that drinking tea for at least 3 months reduces blood pressure which, in turn, impacts positively on the heart.


The consumption of tea has often been associated with a healthy heart. A new study has conclusively shown that long-term tea drinking is linked with a lower blood pressure.

The researchers analysed data from past studies and found that drinking tea over a long period of time – tea consumption for over 12 weeks –reduces blood pressure. The results also suggested that low-term tea drinking did not have a significant effect on blood pressure. Individuals having consumed the beverage for at least three months consecutively have had reduced blood pressure levels by 2.6 mmHg systolic and 2.2 mmHg diastolic: this effect is extremely beneficial to the health of the heart. Such declines are associated with decreases in stroke risks and coronary artery disease mortality.

The results of the study also revealed that green tea had more of a significant positive effect on blood pressure than black tea.

So, how many cups of tea should one drink daily to protect one’s heart? Unfortunately, the researchers did not include dosage recommendations in their analysis. But, in the past, many other scientists have suggested that 3 to 4 cups of green tea per day would do the trick.

So, relax, chill, and enjoy your daily cup of tea!

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The study, entitled “Effects of tea intake on blood pressure: a meta-analysis of randomized controlled trials” has been published in the British Journal of Nutrition.


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