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Basket Star: Monster Marine Animal Discovered in Singapore

A man discovered a scary creature while he was fishing in the sea of Singapore and he ended up recording a video of the animal to post it online in order to find out about its identity. The marine organism has zillions of arms extending from its body: a marine version of Medusa. It turned out to be a relative of the starfish: the basket star.


Some organisms look like they come straight out of some horror movie: so terribly monstrous is their appearance that one finds it hard to believe that it can actually exist in our real world. Such is the animal called the basket star.

A video featuring the grotesque animal was posted on social online networks by a man who went out fishing near the island of Sentosa in Singapore. The man posted the video online with the hope that someone would inform him of the name of the species. And, no, he was not afraid to film it and later release it back into water. If you came across the online video, you might have thought that the man from Singapore made a brand new discovery of an unusual frightening creature.

The animal is, in fact, the basket star which is an echinoderm (a relative of the much less scary starfish), bearing characteristic multiple branching arms. It lives in deep-sea areas.

It does not have blood and has an incorporated water vascular system that allows for it to carry out the process of gaseous exchange. The invertebrate can grow up to one meter long. They feed on zooplanktons.


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