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NASA Rocket Crashes 6 Seconds After Launching

An unmanned rocket of the NASA exploded seconds after it was launched on the 28th of October. The incident occurred at the NASA’s Wallops Flight Facility in Virginia at 6:22 pm EDT. The rocket had a spacecraft on top of it that was carrying cargo for the crew members of the International Space Station.

NASA rocket

The unexpected and sudden explosion fortunately did not lead to any death or injury cases. The rocket exploded 6 seconds after its launching. Noone at the facility was hurt.

The cause that led to this mishap has not been communicated to the public during a press conference where the Associate Administrator of Human Exploration and Operations, William Gerstenmaier, addressed the people.

The rocket that was fired carried a spacecraft with it: the Cygnus spacecraft which was loaded with 2290 kg of cargo for the International Space Station (ISS). During the press conference, it was stated that the astronauts on the ISS still had the necessary supplies and that the failed rocket launching will not affect them as of now, since the stocks they already have will otherwise last till March. Also, the cargo that has been lost will be replaced and sent on other flights in a few weeks’ time. However, the losses amount to around $ 200 million for the rocket, spacecraft and cargo, together with additional expenses that can only be determined after the total damage is evaluated.

The debris of the crash were collected so that an investigation can be done to determine the cause behind. Furthermore, the inhabitants near Wallops have been asked not to touch any piece of debris that they might come across since they might contain hazardous substances, and to, instead, immediately inform the authorities in case of such discoveries.


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